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We offer Pickleball Lessons, Group Pickleball Clinics, Exhibitions, Corporate Outings, Birthday & Anniversary Parties and fun for you!  Our locations are in Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts, New Jersey,  Philadelphia, New York, and Vermont.

We will come to your Community, Vacation Spot/RV Park, Condo or Home Pickleball Court.  We can also meet you at your Local Park or Recreation Center.

We offer Private/Group Pickleball Lessons as well as Instructional Clinics for all ages and abilities.  All of our Pickleball Instructors are certified and have at least 2 years teaching experience.

If you’d like to take Private or Group Pickleball Lessons from one of our Pickleball Professionals, please contact me, Ken Henderson, founder of Traveling Pickleball Pros, and I’ll be happy to help.

Rates for Pickleball Clinics, Private/Group Lessons, Training, Pickleball Exhibitions or Round Robin Socials are based on Distance, size of Facility & Number of sign ups/participants.  Contact us for more information.

Coach “Z” and Coach Ken

IPTPA Level II – Certified Pickleball Teaching Professionals

Coach Ken and Coach Z - Travelinng Picklleball Pros



Traveling Pickleball Pros – Testimonials

“Thank you for organizing.  I enjoyed my lesson with Ken and Jay I learned a lot and hopefully I can make time to practice and improve.

Ken said he will be in Massachusetts in the summer, hopefully we will support and take some lessons with him again.”




“I truly enjoyed this morning. Learned a lot. As they said now it’s down to practice practice practice. I would certainly enjoy another class with them. Thank you!”

J Cavanagh Stoll
Pt. St. Lucie, FL

He was terrific! Learned so much.

Todd Gunderson
Port St Lucie, FL

“I loved the lesson and the two instructors. They were great. They worked a lot on serving which was especially helpful to me and they were both also left handed and were able to give me a lot of helpful advice. I would definitely take a lesson again.

Ken is going to be back in the area in a few weeks teaching somewhere else and he mentioned that the other club would be taking students from the public.  Anyhow, the whole experience here was great. Thank you for all you do!”

Sheri Brooks
Shrewsbury, MA
“David and I did the beginner clinic on Saturday at 9:00 am. Ken and Gary were excellent teachers and we both learned some great pointers in the class. We can’t wait to get out and try them on the pb court.
Thanks again for the opportunity and we hope to sign up again.”
Mary and Dave Purcell
“I had a great time. Signed up for the beginners clinic and honestly was just a little to basic for me. I stayed and picked up a couple of tips. I believe it was a great class for the people who have no idea how to play Pickleball.
I was lucky that Ken and Jay had room in the next “intermediate” clinic, so I stayed for that one. It was an outstanding class. Learned allot. They are both very good and knowledgeable instructors. So very happy I got to attend both clinics.
I do not see any reason not to invite them back for more clinics. I think that everyone learned something from attending the clinics.
Thank you for arranging the clinics.”
Richard Ferrara

“The Ken Henderson & JJ training was enlightening. They gave us many good tips that I was previously unaware of. It was also fascinating to watch 2 pros playing and making the game look so easy.
We briefly practiced the tips during the clinic, but not long enough to really get the hang of each. When I got home I jotted down those tips I could recall. When I went to practice them yesterday, I remembered two that I tried. I believe they will eventually improve my game…at least my confidence.

I believe it was a good lesson for the price, and would highly recommend the clinic to all players who have not had a formal lesson.
I personally do not plan to take another clinic this season…I want to put into play what I recall learning. An improvement I would like to see is a handout or email msg noting the items we were trained on and brief tips for each.”

“I took the beginners clinic and am happy I did.  Good teachers and FUN. I would be very interested in an intermediate clinic. Thanks for organising.”

Barbara Hills

Traveling Pickleball Pros - fun fun fun!

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